Ranjan Kumar

Principal Message

I strongly believe that the quality of education will determine the destiny of any nation If we want a beautiful world, then we definitely need to lay emphasis on the values and right attitude of the future generationEducation lays the foundation for life and all the stake holders-the school, the home and the society- play a very crucial role in character building and holistic development of a child.

The purpose of education is not to fill the empty vessel (Plato) but it is to bring out the best in an individual. A child needs a conducive environment where he/she learns to enjoy the process of learning before he/she is taught the 3 R-s-Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.The school years are very crucial for the development of good habits, moral values and strong character as these are the building blocks of excellence.Our aim is not only to impart education that teaches how to make a living but to teach how to live.

I believe that change is inevitable in today’s world and what would give us an edge over others is our ability to adapt to change without compromising on the right values. At St Soldier’s,we try to keep ourselves updated on the latest developments in education; be it infrastructure, faculty development or any other latest techniques. A lot of emphasis is laid on character building and we put in honest and sincere efforts with right focus on excellence and enjoyment in their formative years.

As parents and teachers, we mustfoster an atmosphere of trust, love and respect for children as that is the basis for sound education and helps make the children strong from within so that they are able to independently handle any situation they face in life. We feel privileged to be able to be touch the lives of thousands of young ones and show them the direction and also sensitize them towards social and global concerns so that they can play a worthy role in society. Our ultimate aim, as educationists, is to focus on academic excellence so that the students are able to pursue their career, and develop into responsible global citizens with the right values.