Our Founder

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” ― W.B. Yeats
“Education does not exist in mastering languages, but is found in that moral training which extends beyond the class room to the playground and streets.”
“Education is enabling the mind to find out the ultimate truth which emancipates us from the bondage of the dust and gives us the wealth, not things but of inner light, not of power but of lovemaking the truth its own and giving expression to it.” – R.N Tagore

Such inspirational and stirring ideologies of an embodiment of radiance and vigour, Late Wg Cdr S.S. Gyani, laid the foundation of this majestic establishment.
Our Founder – Late Wg Cdr S.S. Gyani was the Director of St. Soldiers Divine Public School (Panchkula) and Founder Director of Pinegrove School (Kasauli). He was a Gold Medallist in BA (Hons.) and completed M.A., B.T., M.Ae. S.I. degrees

He had held various prestigious positions such as:

  • Director of Education, Air Head Quarters (New Delhi),
  • Joint Director of Training, Air Head Quarters (New Delhi),
  • Deputy Director of Education, Air Head Quarters (New Delhi) and
  • He worked as Chief Instructor and Commandant, Air Force Administrative College, Coimbatore (TN).
  • He had also served as the Principal of Air Force Central School (New Delhi).

This great man had a distinguished tenure with the Indian Air Force, at some time or the other teaching or coaching most of the past and present top brass of the Force. Upon retirement, he directed his enormous energy to start Public Schools, which he directed more in the mold of a parent-child relationship rather than that of a teacher-pupil. He was a man of God, devoting quite a few hours every day to worship. Above all, he was a thorough gentleman.

He worked his way up to success with determination and hard work. `By Toil he reached the Stars`. He never shied away from work and placed duty before self and even family, always and every time. Forever ready to take challenges and had a never-say-die attitude. His mind was alive while the body started giving way, about which he said:

‘Lehron se baccha, Toofan se baccha, par bach na saka kismet ka likha, Bas do chaar haath sahil se raha, himmat to rahi par dam na raha….’

He knew no rest and worked persistently to build this institution. A philanthropist and an active Rotary Member, he worked towards various programs and delivered lectures, enriching people with optimism, spiritualism, and education. Based on his interaction with youth for over half a century, his experience in Education Management, Yoga and Spiritualism and practice in ‘Naam Simran’ in addition to interaction with ‘Jivan Muktas’, he penned down a book in 1996 titled ‘Ripples of Modernism & Remedies’.

In this book, Late Wing Cdr S. S. Gyani quoted an incident that took place in June 1996 on his visit to France. When one of the top talented dancers of France was asked a question as to who was her dance teacher, Her answer was,

“The Ripples of the Ocean and the Womb of my Mother.”

Inspired by this philosophical reply, he used this anecdote to highlight the two rationales behind any accomplishment. He believed that these ‘Ripples of Ocean’ are the ‘Latest Ideas and Techniques’, which enable us to explore and educate ourselves in the field of Global Knowledge in every sphere of Human Activity and hence have a rippling constructive impact on the society as well. He believed that all of the top achievers we know are life-long learners. Looking for new skills, insights, and ideas. If they are not learning, they are not growing and not moving toward excellence. Hence, absorbing and adapting to contemporary ideas and practices is necessary for the growth of any individual or organization.

The last section of this book was about ‘Spiritualism and Theology’, which proved that he had not forgotten the ‘Womb of the Mother India’, i.e. Our Spiritual Heritage. He believed that there is nothing wrong with modernity, but we Indians should not lose our spiritual moorings, our Heritage plus our Theological thinking which is based on social responsibility.

In 1993, on a visit to Tasmania (Australia) as the Leader of Rotary International’s Rotary Friendship Team, the President of Host Club questioned Wg. Cdr. Gyani that with 5000 years old culture why hasn’t India advanced as much as Australians have done in the last 200 years. To this, he reverted with immense pride that India has made an incredible contribution and that is our Spiritual Philosophy based on “वासुदेवः कुटम्ब” which means ‘The World Is One Family’. These two Sanskrit words mean that the world is our family. India might not have made great Technological Advancements as they have been a threat to peace and ours is a nation for peace and not WAR. Here, in between the speech, he was interrupted and thundering applause followed from the audience.

These form the real epilogue to the saga of this visionary and reflect the kind of disposition of which he was formed. His grit can surely be determined by the spirit of his thought and vision.

This progressive educationist who stood for supreme ideals will continue to live eternally as the driving force behind this institution.